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Topics within the scope of this meeting include, but are not limited to:

  • The roles and mechanisms of organizing molecules
  • RNA versus protein
  • Disordered protein regions and multivalent interactions
  • Phase transitions and hydrogels

Organization in the nucleus

  • Chromatin and heterochromatin
  • Paraspeckles and nucleoli
  • DNA damage foci

Organization in the cytoplasm and within and around membranes

  • Subcellular granules and functional amyloid-like structures
  • Signalosomes, cytoskeleton, and nuclear pores
  • Synaptic and post-synaptic densities
  • Juxta-endomembrane assemblies

Functional and mechanistic dissection of roles in basic cell biology and development

  • Autophagy, innate immune, and other cell stress responses
  • DNA transactions: transcription, DNA repair, and genome stability
  • Germ cell and embryonic development

Functional and mechanistic dissection of roles in disease

  • Cancer
  • Neurodegeneration
  • Other protein misfolding disorders
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