Pontus Skoglund, Francis Crick Institute

Pontus Skoglund is the group leader of the Francis Crick Institute's Ancient Genomics laboratory. Originally from Sweden, he obtained his PhD in evolutionary genetics from Uppsala University in 2013 with Mattias Jakobsson, and thereafter did his postdoctoral research at Harvard Medical School with David Reich. His research has focused on developing new approaches to propel the field of ancient DNA into the genomic era, revealing population migrations as catalyzers for the transition from hunter-gatherer lifestyles to agriculture worldwide. He is a primary author of research published in journals such as Nature, Science, and Cell, and featured by news outlets such as The New York Times, BBC News, The Guardian, and The Telegraph. He is a Wellcome Trust Investigator, an ERC starting grantee and a Vallee Foundation Scholar.

Homepage: www.skoglundlab.org
Twitter: @pontus_skoglund

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