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Once thought of merely as byproducts of cellular metabolism, we now appreciate how metabolites can directly impact a myriad of processes, from signalling to gene expression, in cells. Cells adapt metabolism to allow ATP production and the redistribution of carbons to nucleotide, protein, and fatty acid syntheses to support their physiological functions. Metabolism can also influence cell state, with increasing evidence that changes in metabolite levels can affect both pathway regulation and gene expression, particularly through the effects of these metabolites on chromatin modifications. One example driven by genetic mutations is the role played by “oncometabolites,” which can impact the activity of enzymes that control epigenetic state. Such crosstalk between metabolism and epigenetics appears to be bi-directional, with multiple epigenetic enzymes acting as rheostats to readjust metabolism following nutrient changes. More recent studies determined that alterations in the microbiome influence availability of metabolites, in turn affecting signaling, cell proliferation, and chromatin. Lastly, changes in metabolites with age can impact both Sirtuins and PARP enzymes, influencing diverse pathways, including epigenetics and DNA repair.

This meeting will bring together scientists studying metabolites and their signaling properties and how they affect many aspects of health, including aging and cancer.


  • Metabolite Regulation of Epigenetics and Gene Expression
  • Metabolites and Signaling
  • Metabolites in Cancer
  • Metabolites in Organismal Physiology and Aging
  • Metabolites and the Microbiota
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Keynote Speaker
Francis Collins

Featured Speaker

  • Raul Mostoslavsky, MGH Cancer Center, Harvard Medical School & The Broad Institute, USA
  • Kathryn Wellen, Perelman School of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania, USA
  • Matt Beymer, Editor, Trends in Endocrinology and Metabolism
  • Christine Cosma, Scientific Editor, Current Biology
  • Allyson Evans, Scientific Editor, Molecular Cell
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