Marc Bajénoff, CIML, France
Marc Bajénoff

Marc Bajenoff graduated in Biochemistry from the University of Pau, France and obtained a Masters degree in Biochemistry from the Aix Marseille University, France. He obtained his PhD in Immunology in 2003 from the University d’Aix Marseille. As a postdoctoral fellow, Marc Bajenoff joined the Laboratory of Nicolas Glaichenhaus (Sophia Antipolis, France) and then the Laboratory of Ronald Germain (NIH/NIAID,Bethesda, USA) where he studied the role of lymphoid stromal cells on the migration of lymphocytes by 2-photon imaging. In 2010, he became a principal investigator at the CIML, France. His laboratory studies the immunobiology of lymphoid stromal cells and how these non-hematopoietic cells control various immune cells in vivo.

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