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Chem, a sister journal to Cell, provides a home for seminal and insightful research and showcases how fundamental studies in chemistry and its sub-disciplines may help in finding potential solutions to the global challenges of tomorrow.


The first field-focused journal from the award-winning Chem. Chem Catalysis will cover all aspects of homogeneous, heterogeneous, and biocatalysis, from research fields that include renewable energy, materials, health, and environmental science.


Matter is a new journal from Cell Press that seeks to publish transformative research across the breadth of Materials Science. Matter covers all aspects of materials, from nano to macro, fundamentals to application. Recognizing that materials and materials development facilitate technologies bridging multiple disciplines, Matter will embrace all significant advances in materials through full-length research articles and topical reviews, encompassing both the unknown and the innovative. While still stressing fundamental science, Matter will attempt to explicitly highlight the stage of material development, thereby contextualizing potential impact, from concept to societal usage. Matter will also engage the materials community, via thought-provoking opinion pieces and solicited editorials.


Cell Reports Physical Science publishes cutting-edge research across the spectrum of the physical sciences, including chemistry, physics, materials science, energy science, engineering, and related interdisciplinary work.


A home for ground-breaking energy research, Joule, launched in 2017, is a forward-looking journal that bridges scales and disciplines.

Like other Cell Press journals, Joule is led by an experienced editor-in-chief, Phillip Earis, and guided by an illustrious advisory board of leaders in the field.

Joule gives authors unparalleled visibility and a connecting point for insights that stimulate new thinking and sparks new ideas for the benefit of society.


One Earth, a sister journal to Cell, publishes significant original research across the full spectrum of global environmental change and sustainability science, uniting research from the natural, social and applied sciences that seeks to identify and understand:

  • The drivers, mechanisms and long-term context of global environmental change.
  • The Earth system’s planetary boundaries, thresholds and tipping points.
  • Means to sustainably develop Earth’s natural assets and ecosystem services.
  • Transformative social, political, economic and technological pathways towards a sustainable and equitable future.

One Earth further facilitates cross-community dialogue through the publication of opinion pieces, review articles, educational resources and discussions, surfacing different perspectives on topics of socio-environmental importance.


iScience publishes basic and applied research that advances a specific field across life, physical, and earth sciences. It is an open access journal with continuous publication, so research is immediately accessible. Our no-nonsense approach to submissions is simple, fast, and fair, and our commitment to integrity means we publish transparent methods, replication studies, and negative results.


Trends in Chemistry represents a new global platform for discussion of significant and transformative concepts in all phases of chemistry. Undoubtedly, uncovering new frontiers in chemistry will have significant impact on many of the imposing challenges facing our world today. The journal offers readable, multidisciplinary Review, Opinion, and short articles that are thoughtfully designed to keep students and leading scientists alike updated on the most pressing issues in the field.


Heliyon is an open access journal publishing scientifically accurate and valuable research across life, physical, social, and medical sciences.

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