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Image 1: From the Immunology Cell Picture Show, by Tim Lämmermann and Ronald N. Germain, National Institutes of Health (NIAID) ;
Image 2: From the Lightsheet Cell Picture Show, by Jürgen Mayer, Centre for Genomic Regulation, Barcelona.

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As organisms age, change over time occurs as a layered process, from molecular modifications to shifts in tissue homeostasis, ultimately leading to systemic transformations. Alterations in metabolism are found throughout the hierarchy of change and can be integral to the relationship between aging and disease as well as to the impact of aging on physiological processes such as inflammation and immunity.  Recent studies have provided new insight into how the perturbation of metabolic factors can accelerate or impair aging processes.  Furthermore, there is a growing appreciation for the role of aging in the immune response and the need to take this phenomenon into account when considering therapeutic approaches, from vaccines to precision medicine.  It is an exciting time to consider the multifactorial nature of aging, the new biological discoveries being made, and how to translate these insights to human health as longevity reaches unprecedented levels worldwide.

This meeting brings together scientists who have interests in aging, metabolism, and immunology to explore the growing intersection between these fields and to discuss key questions and important areas of future investigation.  Our aim is to spur the progress of efforts to elucidate the mechanisms underlying the aging process, so as to inform current approaches of disease treatment and prevention, and to provide an improved understanding of healthy aging.


  • Cellular and molecular aging
  • Metabolism and aging
  • Inflammation and aging
  • Interventions
  • Aging and immunity in humans
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