Kia Nobre, Oxford, UK

Anna Christina (Kia) Nobre

Anna Christina (Kia) Nobre, FBA, holds the Chair in Translational Cognitive Neuroscience at the University of Oxford and is a Professorial Fellow at St Catherine’s College. She heads the Department of Experimental Psychology, directs the Oxford Centre for Human Brain Activity, and chairs the Oxford Neuroscience Committee. Kia grew up in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. She obtained her PhD at Yale University (1993), and completed postdoctoral training at Yale and Harvard Medical School, before moving to Oxford. Her research is aimed at understanding how goals, motivations, expectations, memories, and emotions guide and shape perception and cognition. Her research group investigates the cognitive and neural bases of these large-scale dynamic regulatory mechanisms in healthy human volunteers; charts their development through the lifespan; and probes how they break down in psychological, psychiatric, and neurodegenerative disorders. The methodological approach involves designing original psychological tasks and using multiple non-invasive methods to measure and stimulate human brain activity in order to to reveal fundamental mechanisms and principles. Kia is committed to promoting science and contributing to the neuroscience community. She serves on advisory and funding panels internationally and acts as associate editor for the Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience and for Science Advances.

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