Organizer/Plenary speaker

Lei Jiang, Suzhou Institute for Advanced Research, University of Science and Technology of China and Technical Institute of Physics and Chemistry, CAS, China

Lei Jiang is a Professor at Suzhou Institute for Advanced Research, University of Science and Technology of China, and Professor at the Technical Institute of Physics and Chemistry, CAS. He is an academician of the CAS, Academy of Sciences for the Developing World, National Academy of Engineering, USA, and Australian Academy of Science. He is Director of CAS Key Laboratory of Bio-inspired Materials and Interfacial Science.

His scientific contribution is learning from nature, discovering and establishing super-wettability interfacial materials and super-wettability interfacial chemistry system, and continuously leading the development of bioinspired super-wettability field in the world. Recent research interests include introduction of quantum-confined superfluid into super-wettability system, and its applications in energy conversion, chemical reaction and biological information transfer.

He has published more than 800 SCI papers with a citation over 171000 times (H index is 193). He was awarded the Award of Ho Leung Ho Lee Foundation for Scientific and Technological Progress (2013), Outstanding Scientific and Technological Achievement Award of the CAS (2014), MRS Mid-Career Researcher Award (2014), UNESCO Medal for Contribution to the Development of Nanoscience and Nanotechnologies (2016), Nikkei Asia Prizes (2016), Humboldt Research Award (2017), Outstanding Scientist of Qiushi Science & Technology Foundation (2018), ACS Nano Lectureship Award (2018), Tan Kah Kee Science Award (2022).

江雷,中国科学技术大学苏州高等研究院教授、中国科学院理化技术研究所研究员,中国科学院院士,第三世界科学院院士,美国工程院外籍院士,澳大利亚科学院外籍院士。中国科学院仿生材料与界面科学重点实验室主任。主要学术贡献为通过学习自然,建立了超浸润界面材料及超浸润界面化学体系,引领并推动了该领域在全球的发展。最近研究兴趣包括:将量子限域超流引入超浸润体系,并探索其在能量转换、化学反应与生物信号传输方面的应用。迄今发表SCI论文800余篇,总被引171000余次,H因子为193。获得奖项包括:2013年获何梁何利科学技术奖;2014年获中国科学院杰出科技成就奖、美国材料学会奖励;2016年获联合国教科文组织纳米科技贡献奖、日经亚洲奖;2017年获德国洪堡研究奖;2018年获求是杰出科学家奖;2020年获ACS Nano Lectureship Award;2022年获陈嘉庚科学奖。

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