Steve Cranford, Editor-in-Chief, Matter

A graduate from Memorial University (Canada), Stanford University (USA), and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (USA), Dr. Cranford was faculty at Northeastern University’s College of Engineering prior to accepting a new role as editor-in-chief for Matter.

He has over 50 publications in the field of materials sciences in a range of high impact journals, including Nature and Advanced Materials, with expertise in the area of atomistic simulation, computational modeling, and nanomechanics, encompassing a variety of materials systems, from carbyne to copper to concrete.

He would have preferred to have published in Matter, but it didn’t exist. He constantly played with LEGO blocks as a child, likely leading to his interest in material assembly and structure.

Steve Cranford Matter主编

Steve Cranford先后毕业于加拿大纽芬兰纪念大学、美国斯坦福大学和美国麻省理工学院。在担任Matter的主编之前,他在东北大学工程学院任教。他在一系列国际高影响力期刊上发表过50多篇材料学领域的论文,在原子模拟、计算建模、纳米力学,以及碳炔、铜、混凝土等多种材料系统领域,Steve Cranford博士都具有相当丰富的专业知识。

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