Fenglin Liao, Deputy editor, iScience, Consulting editor, Chem

Dr. Fenglin Liao joined Cell Press in 2016 and worked as the scientific editor for the flagship journal Chem. She graduated from Oxford University with a Ph.D., and her main research areas are catalysis, materials and energy conversion. She became the deputy editor of the multidisciplinary open access journal iScience in April 2022 and continues as a consulting editor for the journal Chem.

廖凤麟 iScience副主编, Chem顾问编辑

廖凤麟博士2016年加入Cell Press细胞出版社,负责旗下综合性化学期刊Chem的编辑工作。她博士毕业于英国牛津大学,主要研究领域为催化,材料和能源转化。她于2022年4月成为多学科开放获取期刊iScience的副主编,并继续担任Chem期刊顾问编辑。

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