Jiqing Sun, Scientific editor, Chem, Consulting editor, Matter

Jiqing recently received dual PhD degrees from Griffith University (Australia) and NCNST (CAS, China). He specializes in emerging two-dimensional materials and carbon-based materials. His doctoral work focused on the field of electrochemistry, including oxygen-involved electrochemical reactions and batteries.

孙吉庆 Chem科学编辑,Matter顾问编辑

孙吉庆博士2019年加入Cell Press,成为材料类旗舰期刊Matter的创刊编辑。他博士毕业于国家纳米科学中心与澳大利亚格里菲斯大学,研究方向涉及二维材料,碳材料等领域。目前是化学旗舰刊Chem的科学编辑,Matter的顾问编辑。

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