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At present, we intend to host the Cell-NCI Symposium: Beyond Cancer Genomics Toward Precision Oncology according to COVID-secure guidelines onsite in Bethesda, MD, USA, October 4–6, 2021 to best facilitate in-person networking and learning.

However, as the future situation regarding international travel remains uncertain, we have the option to switch to our fully interactive online conference platform should the need arise.

Rest assured that we will refund your onsite registration fee, with no penalty should you wish to cancel during the uncertainty of the outbreak.

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Abstract Submission Deadline June 4, 2021
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Enormous volumes of data have been generated by the comprehensive genomic and molecular characterization of several cancer types. While insights gleaned from this data have led to some impressive advances in treating subsets of cancer patients, the full clinical potential has yet to be realized. To help address this challenge, the Cancer Target Discovery and Development (CTD2) initiative aims to build on the fundamental findings generated from genomic initiatives and exploit this knowledge in a clinically relevant context.

The Cell-NCI Symposium: Beyond Cancer Genomics Toward Precision Oncology will showcase recent cancer research using multi-omics approaches to guide functional characterization and assessment of candidate therapeutic targets.  The meeting will feature the latest advances in functional genomic approaches, both computational and experimental, and show how deep data analyses and high-throughput approaches are reshaping our understanding of fundamental cancer biology mechanisms and impacting clinical oncology. Our aim is to bring together participants from both within and outside of the CTD2 Network to stimulate exciting discussions, promote cross-pollination of ideas, and accelerate the translation of multi-omic cancer data to precision medicine.

Session themes:

  • Cancer systems and integrative biology 
  • Drug resistance and mechanism of action 
  • Systems and multi-omics approaches to study cancer heterogeneity
  • Systems and multi-omics approaches to study cancer immunology
  • Clinical biomarkers and targeted therapies for precision oncology


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  • Andrea Califano, USA
  • Christina Curtis, USA
  • Daniel De Carvalho, Canada
  • Mathew Garnett, UK
  • William Hahn, USA
  • Cigall Kadoch, USA
  • Xiaole Shirley Liu, USA
  • Michael McManus, USA
  • Gordon Mills, USA
  • Dana Pe'er, USA
  • Aviv Regev, USA
  • Eytan Ruppin, USA
  • Stuart Schreiber, USA
  • Louis Staudt, USA
  • Itay Tirosh, Israel
  • Olga Troyanskaya, USA
  • Samra Turajlic, UK
  • Jeffrey Tyner, USA
  • Jonathan Weissman, USA


  • Andrea Califano, Columbia University Irving Medical Center, USA
    Daniela Gerhard, National Institutes of Health, USA
    Michael McManus, University of California, San Francisco, USA
    Miao-Chih Tsai, Senior Editor, Cell
    Montse Rojo de la Vega, Scientific Editor, Cancer Cell


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