Caroline Dive, CRUK Manchester Institute, UK

After completing her PhD studies in Cambridge, Caroline moved to Aston University's School of Pharmaceutical Sciences in Birmingham where she started her own group studying mechanisms of drug induced tumour cell death. She then moved as a Cancer Research Campaign fellow to the Faculty of Life Sciences at The University of Manchester to continue this research. Caroline was awarded a Lister Institute of Preventative Medicine Research Fellowship before moving to the CRUK Manchester Institute in 2003. Here she set up the Clinical and Experimental Pharmacology Group and began to develop biomarkers, and notably liquid biopsies to support personalised medicine interfacing with The Christie Hospital's Phase I Clinical Trials Unit.

Caroline’s biomarker research has continued to expand and she now directs the Cancer Research UK Manchester Cancer Biomarker Centre where a flagship project is using a patient's circulating tumour DNA profile to support Phase I trial selection.  Her team is also well known for their work on Small Cell Lung Cancer and notably for Circulating Tumour Cell derived preclinical models that faithfully mimic SCLC donor patients that are now being used to test novel therapies and discover new drug targets for aggressive tumour type.  A current priority for Caroline's research is the use of liquid biopsies (blood tests) for the earlier detection of lung cancers. Caroline is currently Senior Group Leader and Deputy Director of the CRUK Manchester Institute and Professor of Cancer Pharmacology at The University of Manchester. She also co-leads the CRUK Lung Cancer Centre of Excellence and is Manchester's non-clinical lead of their Experimental Cancer Medicines Centre.

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