Andrea L Hevener, UCLA, USA
Andrea L Hevener

Dr. Hevener  is a Professor of Medicine at UCLA and a member of the Greater Los Angeles VA Geriatric Research, Education and Clinical Center. Dr. Hevener is also the Director for Basic Research of the Iris Cantor-UCLA Women’s Health Center, as well as the Director of the NIH-sponsored UCSD-UCLA Diabetes Research Center Metabolic and Molecular Physiology Core. Dr. Hevener’s laboratory studies the transcriptional regulation of metabolism and insulin action with a specific focus on the biological actions of hormone responsive nuclear receptors in metabolic tissues. Dr. Hevener’s laboratory is supported UCLA Department of Medicine, the STOP CANCER Foundation I.C.O.N. Award, the Helmsley Charitable Trust, the UCLA CTSI, and the Iris Cantor Women’s Health Executive Advisory Board. In addition to ongoing National Institutes of Health R01 funding, Dr. Hevener is currently the principal investigator of an NIH U54 Specialized Center of Research Excellence (SCORE) studying sex differences and women’s health related to metabolism and the lead investigator of an NIH Director’s Common Fund award to study the molecular transducers of physical activity as part of MoTrPAC. The overarching goal of the Hevener laboratory is to identify therapeutic opportunities to improve metabolic health and reduce societal chronic disease burden.

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