Felix M. Wensveen, University of Rijeka, Croatia

The team of Felix Wensveen investigates the interaction between the immune and endocrine systems in context of viral infection and metabolic disease. His team uncovered a crucial link between metabolically stressed obese adipose tissue and initiation of tissue inflammation and insulin resistance (Nat Immunol.  2015). They discovered that cytokines induce insulin resistance as part of a physiological response during viral infection which enhances effector CD8 T cell functionality. This system derails in obesity, which may lead to type 2 diabetes (Immunity 2018). More recently, his team showed the detrimental effect of chronic hyperinsulinemia and hyperglycemia on memory CD8 T cell function (Diabetes 2022). He was trained by Rene van Lier and Bojan Polić with whom he still extensively collaborates. Felix Wensveen is associate professor at the Faculty of medicine, University of Rijeka, Croatia.

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