• Carmen Buchrieser, Institut Pasteur, France
Kevin Foster

Carmen Buchrieser obtained her PhD from the University of Salzburg in Austria. She conducted postdoctoral trainings in the USA and in France and is currently Professor at the Institut Pasteur where she is heading a research group studying bacterial pathogenesis. She is using Legionella pneumophila and L. longbeachae, environmental bacteria parasitizing within free-living protozoa and human pathogens causing a severe pneumonia, as tools to uncover (i) the host pathways that are manipulated during infection, (ii) the mechanisms that a bacterial pathogen may apply to establish infection and cause disease, and (iii) the evolution of a bacterium into an intracellular pathogen of amoeba and human macrophages. The biology to discover by studying host-Legionella interactions is fascinating as this bacterium is one of the best cell biologists or perhaps “a hidden eukaryote” that allows us to understand not only bacterial pathogenesis strategies but also to decipher host pathways that need to be subverted by a pathogen to cause disease.

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