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Take a look at what our Metabolic Disease Therapies speakers have published recently and chat with them about their work in San Diego, CA in October.

David Chan, Caltech, USA
Elimination of paternal mitochondria in mouse embryos occurs through autophagic degradation dependent on PARKIN and MUL1.
Metabolism. AMP-activated protein kinase mediates mitochondrial fission in response to energy stress.
Mitochondrial Dynamics is a Distinguishing Feature of Skeletal Muscle Fiber Types and Regulates Organellar Compartmentalization.

Sabrina Diano, Yale University, USA
DRP1 Suppresses Leptin and Glucose Sensing of POMC Neurons.
UCP2 Regulates Mitochondrial Fission and Ventromedial Nucleus Control of Glucose Responsiveness.
Hypothalamic Ventromedial Lin28a Enhances Glucose Metabolism in Diet-Induced Obesity.

Richard Di Marchi
, Indiana University, USA
Chemical Hybridization of Glucagon and Thyroid Hormone Optimizes Therapeutic Impact for Metabolic Disease.
Unimolecular Polypharmacy for Treatment of Diabetes and Obesity.
Reappraisal of GIP Pharmacology for Metabolic Diseases.

Daniel Drucker, Lunenfeld-Tanenbaum Research Institute, Canada
The Role of Pancreatic Preproglucagon in Glucose Homeostasis in Mice.
Cellular Sites and Mechanisms Linking Reduction of Dipeptidyl Peptidase-4 Activity to Control of Incretin Hormone Action and Glucose Homeostasis.
Never Waste a Good Crisis: Confronting Reproducibility in Translational Research.

Ronald Evans
, Salk Institute, USA
PPARδ Promotes Running Endurance by Preserving Glucose.
Liver Cancer Checks in When Bile Acid Clocks Out.
Exercise Mimetics: Impact on Health and Performance.

Ele Ferrannini
, University of Pisa, Italy
Sodium-Glucose Co-transporters and Their Inhibition: Clinical Physiology.
CV Protection in the EMPA-REG OUTCOME Trial: A "Thrifty Substrate" Hypothesis.
Renal Handling of Ketones in Response to Sodium-Glucose Cotransporter 2 Inhibition in Patients With Type 2 Diabetes.

Lora Heisler, University of Aberdeen, UK
Serotonin engages an anxiety and fear-promoting circuit in the extended amygdala.
Appetite controlled by a cholecystokinin nucleus of the solitary tract to hypothalamus neurocircuit.
Activation of Ventral Tegmental Area 5-HT2C Receptors Reduces Incentive Motivation.

Barbara Kahn
, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Harvard Medical School, USA
Discovery of a class of endogenous mammalian lipids with anti-diabetic and anti-inflammatory effects.
Overexpressing the novel autocrine/endocrine adipokine WISP2 induces hyperplasia of the heart, white and brown adipose tissues and prevents insulin resistance.
GLUT4 Expression in Adipocytes Regulates De Novo Lipogenesis and Levels of a Novel Class of Lipids With Antidiabetic and Anti-inflammatory Effects.

Michael Karin
, University of California San Diego, USA
p62, Upregulated during Preneoplasia, Induces Hepatocellular Carcinogenesis by Maintaining Survival of Stressed HCC-Initiating Cells.
Fatty Acid-Induced T Cell Loss Greases Liver Carcinogenesis.
Inflammation Improves Glucose Homeostasis through IKKβ-XBP1s Interaction.

Rob Knight, University of California San Diego, USA
Bringing the Dynamic Microbiome to Life with Animations.
Dog and human inflammatory bowel disease rely on overlapping yet distinct dysbiosis networks.
Microbiome-wide association studies link dynamic microbial consortia to disease.

Ruth Loos, Mount Sinai, USA 
The bigger picture of FTO: the first GWAS-identified obesity gene.
Predicting Polygenic Obesity Using Genetic Information.
A principal component meta-analysis on multiple anthropometric traits identifies novel loci for body shape.

Christopher NewgardDuke University, USA
Metabolomics and Metabolic Diseases: Where Do We Stand?
Adenylosuccinate Is an Insulin Secretagogue Derived from Glucose-Induced Purine Metabolism.

Stephen O’Rahilly
University of Cambridge, UK
Integrative genomic analysis implicates limited peripheral adipose storage capacity in the pathogenesis of human insulin resistance.
AMPK is required for exercise to enhance insulin sensitivity in skeletal muscles. 
A Deletion in the Canine POMC Gene Is Associated with Weight and Appetite in Obesity-Prone Labrador Retriever Dogs.

Francesco RubinoKings College London, UK 
Medical research: Time to think differently about diabetes.
Bariatric-metabolic surgery versus conventional medical treatment in obese patients with type 2 diabetes: 5 year follow-up of an open-label, single-centre, randomised controlled trial.
Divergent functional isoforms drive niche specialisation for nutrient acquisition and use in rumen microbiome.

Kristina SchoonjansEPFL, Switzerland
Impaired SUMOylation of nuclear receptor LRH-1 promotes nonalcoholic fatty liver disease.
LRH-1-dependent programming of mitochondrial glutamine processing drives liver cancer.
NAD⁺ repletion improves mitochondrial and stem cell function and enhances life span in mice.

Bruce SpiegelmanDana-Farber Cancer Institute, Harvard Medical School, USA
The Secreted Enzyme PM20D1 Regulates Lipidated Amino Acid Uncouplers of Mitochondria.
Mitochondrial ROS regulate thermogenic energy expenditure and sulfenylation of UCP1.
A Secreted Slit2 Fragment Regulates Adipose Tissue Thermogenesis and Metabolic Function.

Scott Sternson
, Howard Hughes Medical Institute, USA
Three Pillars for the Neural Control of Appetite.
Near-Perfect Synaptic Integration by Nav1.7 in Hypothalamic Neurons Regulates Body Weight.
Cell type-specific transcriptomics of hypothalamic energy-sensing neuron responses to weight-loss.

Garret StuberUniversity of North Carolina, USA 
Prefrontal cortex output circuits guide reward seeking through divergent cue encoding.
Hormonal gain control of a medial preoptic area social reward circuit.
Visualizing hypothalamic network dynamics for appetitive and consummatory behaviors.

Matthias TschöpHelmholtz Zentrum München, Germany
Gut-Brain Cross-Talk in Metabolic Control.
Chemical Hybridization of Glucagon and Thyroid Hormone Optimizes Therapeutic Impact for Metabolic Disease.
Astrocytic Insulin Signaling Couples Brain Glucose Uptake with Nutrient Availability.

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