Donita Brady, Perelman School of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania, USA
Donita Brady

Donita C. Brady, PhD joined the Department of Cancer Biology in the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania on July 1, 2015 as an Assistant Professor and was named the seventh Presidential Professor at the University of Pennsylvania, the highest honor for newly recruited faculty with outstanding qualifications who contribute to diversity and inclusion. Donita came to Penn from the laboratory of Christopher Counter, Ph.D., Professor of Pharmacology and Cancer Biology and Associate Professor of Radiation Oncology at the Duke University School of Medicine. As a postdoctoral researcher at Duke, she and a team of researchers discovered that reducing the availability of the micronutrient copper to certain types of cancer could slow their growth. Prior to her time at Duke, Donita earned her doctoral degree in Pharmacology at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in the laboratory of Adrienne D. Cox. Ph.D. In graduate school, Donita researched how cancer cells hijack normal cellular functions to alter their shape. The research interests of her laboratory at Penn lie at the intersection of how cells use metals like copper to communicate and when to leverage those unique connections to forestall cancer progression.

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