Pekka Katajisto, University of Helsinki, Finland
Pekka Katajisto

Pekka Katajisto is an Associate professor in the University of Helsinki and a group leader in Karolinska institute. He received his Ph.D. in 2009 from the University of Helsinki, and conducted postdoctoral research in Whitehead Institute and MIT on cell-cell interactions in the context of stem cells and their surrounding niche. He is an ERC awardee, and Director of the new Academy of Finland Center of Excellence in Stem cell metabolism. Currently, his laboratory focuses on the role of the niche-stem cell interaction and asymmetric cell division in aging. His discoveries include how the intestinal stem cell niche couples organismal nutrient status to the stem cell function, how alterations in nutrient sensing can result in secretion of novel aging factors, and that stem cells can segregate their organelles age-selectively during cell division.

Homepage: www.katajisto-lab.com
Twitter: @PekkaKatajisto

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