Christian Frezza, CECAD Research Cluster, University of Cologne, Germany
Christian Frezza

Dr. Christian Frezza is the Alexander von Humboldt Professor of Metabolomics in Ageing, at CECAD, at the University of Cologne. He studied Medicinal Chemistry at the University of Padova, Italy, and gained his MSc in 2002, after a period of research on mitochondrial toxicity induced by photoactivable anticancer drugs. Christian then joined the laboratory of Luca Scorrano in Padova to start a PhD on mitochondrial dynamics and apoptosis. In 2008, he moved to the Beatson Institute of Cancer Research in Glasgow as the recipient of an EMBO Long-Term Fellowship, where he investigated the role of mitochondrial defects in tumorigenesis. He moved to the MRC Cancer Unit in 2012 as a tenure track Group Leader and became a Programme Leader in 2017. In 2021, as the recipient of the Alexander Von Humboldt professorship, he moved his laboratory to CECAD at the University of Cologne.

By using a combination of biochemistry, metabolomics, and systems biology, he investigates the role of altered metabolism in cancer initiation and progression. His aim is to exploit these findings to establish novel therapeutic strategies and diagnostic tools for cancer.

Website: https://frezza.cecad-labs.uni-koeln.de/home

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