Benjamin Marsland, Monash University, Australia
Benjamin Marsland

Ben Marsland, completed his Ph.D. in immunology at Otago University and the Malaghan Institute of Medical Research, Wellington, New Zealand. He then spent 14 years in Switzerland, first at the ETH Zürich and then as a Cloetta Medical Research Fellow at the University Hospital of Lausanne (CHUV). During that period, he co-founded two companies, received the ETH Latsis Prize, the Leenaards Prize and the ERS COPD Research Award while transitioning through to a tenured Professorship. Since 2018, Ben is a veski innovation fellow, NHMRC Senior Research Fellow, Professor and Deputy Head of the Department of Immunology. He maintains a visiting professorship at the University of Lausanne/ CHUV and is the Editor-in-Chief of Mucosal Immunology. As a co-leader of the GIN Discovery Program and Mucosal Immunology Research Group, Ben’s research interests revolve around the microbiome, metabolites and neuroimmune interactions in barrier tissues and how they influence asthma, fibrosis and lung transplantation. 

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