Luigina Romani, University of Perugia, Italy
Luigina Romani

Prof. Luigina Romani, from the Department of Medical and Surgery, University of Perugia and IRCSS San Raffaele Rome Italy, is a “Fellow" of the American Academy of Microbiology”. She is internationally recognized in the area of antimicrobial immunity — a field in which her major interest is on the comprehension of immune mechanisms of antimicrobial immunity and its deregulation and modulation. She introduced several novel scientific and translatable concepts which have become popular in the field of immunology and microbiology, such as the concept of protective tolerance in infection, the basis of immunotherapy and anti-inflammatory therapy in infectious diseases and, more recently, the exploitation of the  host/microbial tryptophan co-metabolism for immune and microbial homeostasis at mucosal surfaces and distal sites. 

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