Eduardo Villablanca, Karolinska Institute, Sweden
Eduardo Villablanca

Dr. Villablanca, initially a developmental biologist specializing in cell migration using zebrafish, transitioned to immunology during his doctoral studies in Milan. Focused on intestinal leukocyte trafficking, he trained at Harvard Medical School (HMS) as mucosal immunologist under the supervision of Dr. Rodrigo Mora. Later became an Instructor in Medicine (HMS) in Ramnik Xavier’s lab where he investigated Inflammatory Bowel Disease risk genes. In 2014, he established his own laboratory at Karolinska Institute, Sweden, blending systems immunology, developmental biology, and mucosal immunology. His research centers on understanding mechanisms maintaining intestinal homeostasis and the implications of their failure in disease.

Lab website: https://villablancalab.com
Follow him on Twitter: @ejvillablanca

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