Tiffany Horng, ShanghaiTech University, China
Tiffany Horng

Tiffany Horng, Ph.D trained in the lab of Dr. Ruslan Medzhitov at Yale University, where she elucidated mechanisms of Toll-like Receptor signal transduction. As an independent investigator at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, she pursued studies of inflammasome biology, and more recently, metabolic control of macrophage activation and biology. Her lab showed that metabolic regulators like mTOR and ACLY and metabolic regulation of histone acetylation influence macrophage activation, and are co-opted by the signals that drive macrophage activation for regulation of macrophage biology. In November 2018, Dr. Horng moved her lab to ShanghaiTech University, where she continues to pursue studies aimed at elucidating the etiology and mechanistic basis of metabolic support of macrophage activation.

Tiffany Horng在耶鲁大学Ruslan Medzhitov博士实验室接受培训期间阐释了Toll样受体信号转导机制,曾作为哈佛大学独立调查员在T.H.Chan公共卫生学院从事炎症小体生物学研究,巨噬细胞活化和生物学的代谢控制研究,mTOR和ACLY等代谢调节剂以及组蛋白乙酰化的代谢调节作用会影响巨噬细胞的活化,而驱动巨噬细胞活化的信号可共同调控巨噬细胞的生物学功能。 Tiffany现就职于上海科技大学,并继续从事旨在阐明巨噬细胞活化代谢支持的病因和机制基础的研究。

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