Cheri Sirois, Scientific Editor, Cell
Cheri Sirois

Cheri Sirois began her research career focused on microbiology and parasitology, before turning to the world of innate immunity during doctoral training in the lab of Eicke Latz at UMass Medical School and postdoctoral work at Pfizer. She spent several years as a professor of immunology and microbiology in Ecuador and in the United States before joining the Cell Reports team as a scientific editor in 2018. In 2021, Cheri moved to Cell, where she enjoys reading the broad range of science that comes to the journal, as well focusing on much of the journal’s immunology content.

Cheri Sirois的研究生涯始于微生物学和寄生虫学,之后进入麻省大学医学院 Eicke Latz实验室进行博士培训并在辉瑞从事博士后工作,后来转向先天免疫领域。Cheri曾担任美国和厄瓜多尔免疫学和微生物学教授,于2018年加入Cell Reports团队担任科学编辑,2021年开始担任Cell期刊科学编辑。

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