Andrés Hidalgo, Yale, USA
Andrés Hidalgo

Andres is interested in the cellular and molecular mechanisms by which innate immune cells, and their hematopoietic precursors, contribute to organismal physiology and pathology. As a postdoctoral trainee he developed and used live imaging modalities to study acute inflammatory disease and discovered the receptors that mediate early neutrophil recruitment, and the signals that cause acute vascular injury. As an independent researcher at CNIC (Spain), his laboratory further developed tools to study of thrombo-inflammation and the dramatic consequences in several organs, including the lung, brain and heart. As a Professor at Yale, he is interested in defining the fundamental organization and function of innate immune cells, from their development and specification under homeostasis, to their reparative or disease-promoting roles.

Homepage: https://medicine.yale.edu/immuno/profile/andres_hidalgo/

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