Matthew Krummel, University of California San Francisco, USA
Matthew Krummel

Dr. Krummel’s lab at UCSF focuses on figuring out how entire immune systems, collections of cells in complex tissues, work. Much of the work in the lab starts with cutting-edge imaging approaches as hypothesis-generating tool and the lab has built multiphoton, TIRF and lattice-light sheet microscopes for their studies. Studies focus on understanding how dynamic behaviors (motility, formation of cellular aggregates, transfer of antigens between cells) generate immune tolerance and/or activation. To complement this, Dr. Krummel developed a novel ‘pre-competitive’ industry consortium-funded project called UCSF Immunoprofiler (Immunoprofiler.org) to undertake consistent analysis of tumor biopsies from over 15 cancer types in order to understand the biology of individual patients. With his colleages, Dr. Krummel further conceived and started the ImmunoX initiative at UCSF, a radical collaboration platform focused on methods and data sharing as a means to accelerate discovery and cures. Dr. Krummel also founded a biotech company, Pionyr Immunotherapeutics to translate his lab’s findings in immunology toward treating those people for whom checkpoint blockade is insufficient. The downstream aim of all of his research is to use the immune system to improve human health.

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