• Holly Ingraham, University of California, San Francisco, USA
Holly Ingraham

Ingraham’s dissection of sex differences in the brain and peripheral tissues has defined molecular pathways that control female physiology. Her group provided a mechanistic account for the preovulatory activity spike, underscoring the impact of central oestrogen signalling in counteracting sedentary behaviour, as featured in the NYT Science Section (10/26/21). Other collaborative studies include understanding how sex differences in fat storage and visceral pain can influence fatty liver and gut disorders, respectively.

Ingraham is a member of the American Academy of Arts/Sciences and the NAS. She directs the UCSF IRACDA Program, an NIH-funded program promoting diversity in our nation’s biomedical research enterprise. Recent honours include the EB Astwood Basic Science Award and the Transatlantic Medal in Endocrinology.

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