Christian Lüscher, Friedrich Miescher Institute, Switzerland
Christian Lüscher

Christian Lüscher is a neurologist & full professor of neuroscience at the University of Geneva. His research focuses on the neural basis of drug addiction and hendonic feeding.

During his training as a MD in Lausanne and Berne, he quantified the effects of axon morphology on action potential proportion in dorsal root ganglion cells. As a postdoctoral fellow at the University of California San Francisco from 1996-1999 his work concentrated on synaptic transmission and its plasticity.

With a career development award of the Swiss National Science Foundation he established his lab in Geneva, where he was appointed associate (2003) and then full professor (2009). During all these years he has maintained a clinical activity and is currently an attending in the HUG movement disorder clinic and member of the Geneva DBS team.

Christian Lüscher has published 70+ original articles that are cited more than 13’000 times. His core funding comes from the Swiss National Science foundation and the ERC (two advanced grants 2013-19 and 2020-25). His is a member of the senate of the Swiss Academy of Medical Sciences and the laureate of several prizes, including the Otto Naegeli Prize (2020), the Ott Prize (2017), the Koetzer Prize (2016) and the Cloëtta Prize (2010).

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