Myriam Pannetier-Lecoeur, CEA, CNRS, University Paris-Saclay, France
Ilaria Testa

Myriam Pannetier-Lecoeur is senior scientist at Service de l’Etat Condensé at CEA Saclay. After a PhD received in 1999 from University of Caen and a post-doctoral fellowship at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam on high-Tc superconductors, she joined the nanomagnetism group at SPEC-CEA Saclay in 2001. Her research focuses on spin electronics, noise measurements and magnetic sensors. In particular she is involved in field sensors development for biomedical applications, such as Magneto-Encephalography, Magneto-cardiography or more recently on magnetic probes for neuronal activity recordings. She has authored more than 60 articles, 3 book chapters and filed 20 patents.

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