Ilaria Testa, Karolinska Institutet Science Park, Sweden
Ilaria Testa

Ilaria Testa is an Assistent Professor (2015) at the Department of Applied Physics at the School of Engineering Science and fellow at the Science for Life Laboratory. Her research group works at the interface of physics, chemistry and biology on the development and application of cutting edge imaging technology to advance the life sciences. They develop novel paradigms and concepts based on super-resolution light microscopy or optical nanoscopy to address contemporary challenges in biophysics and molecular biology. To achieve these goals, they will push forward the quantitative aspect of live cell imaging by taking advantage of different concepts of optical nanoscopy based on single molecule detection and targeted reversible switching. These next generation microscopes will allow the precise identification of populations of biomolecules depending on their localization, abundance and dynamics inside their native environment. A special effort will be dedicated to investigate neuronal proteins, especially in synapses and thin axons and dendrites, where trafficking organelles and protein complexes are packed so tight in space that resolving them requires high resolution in space and time.

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