• Jae Bum Kim, Seoul National University, Korea
Jae Bum Kim

Dr. Jae Bum Kim is a Professor of Biological Sciences at Seoul National University and Director of the Center for Adipocyte Structure and Function, National Leading Research Initiatives in Korea. He obtained his Bachelor and Master’s degree in Science at Seoul National University. Then, he earned his Ph. D. at Harvard University under the mentorship of Dr. Bruce Spiegelman, where he cloned and elucidated ADD1/SREBP1c as a key lipogenic transcription factor. After his postdoctoral fellowship training with Dr. Phillip Sharp at MIT, he joined at School of Biological Sciences, Seoul National University in 2000. His research group has investigated gene expression regulation and signal transduction pathways of lipid and glucose metabolism. Recently, his group has focused on the molecular mechanisms of adipose tissue heterogeneity, immune response, and insulin resistance, which would shed important insights on obesity and its related metabolic diseases.

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