Sheila Chari, Editor-in-Chief, Cell Stem Cell

Sri Devi Narasimhan

Sheila Chari, Ph.D, is Editor-in-Chief at Cell Stem Cell. As Editor, her primary responsibilities are knowing and publishing the top stem cell discoveries, driving journal publishing strategy, and managing a global editorial staff. She travels to international scientific conferences and research institutions to be on top of the latest developments and meet with authors, reviewers, and readers. She is a proud member of the stem cell community and an ardent supporter of stem cell research. Sheila completed her graduate training at Northwestern University, where she studied signaling pathways regulating lymphocyte development and leukemogenesis with Dr. Susan Winandy. For postdoctoral training, she joined the lab of Dr. Bruce Lahn at the University of Chicago to pursue studies on epigenetic silencing during somatic cell reprogramming and cancer progression. She joined Cell Press in 2012 and became Editor-in-Chief of Cell Stem Cell in 2017.

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