Nikon Workshop

Quantitative 3D imaging of living intestine organ-chip with high-speed point-scanning confocal system to track bacteria colonization and micro physiological organ response

April 26

2:40- 3:00pm (ET) / 11:40am-12:00pm (PT)

Delivered by: Jeffery Bylund, Ph.D., Applications Manager, Stem Cell & Regenerative Medicine, Nikon Instruments Inc., USA

Organ-on-chips more faithfully recapitulate the 3D architectural and functional complexity of native tissues compared to standard 2D tissue culture systems.  Yet these advanced cell culture platforms present significant technical challenges for imaging-based applications.  This workshop highlights how using the Nikon A1R HD25 confocal point-scanning system enables rapid, deep, quantitative imaging of living cells in the Emulate Organ-Chip platform. Specifically, looking at a model of bacterial colonization in an intestine chip.

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