STEMCELL Technologies Workshop

Human Tissue-Derived Liver Organoids as Tools For Studying Liver Biology

April 26

3:00- 3:20pm (ET) / 12:00pm-12:20pm (PT)

Delivered by: Dr. Charis Segeritz-Walko, STEMCELL Technologies

Liver organoids represent a physiologically relevant alternative to conventional 2D cell culture and support the study of liver biology, disease modeling, and drug development. This session will provide an overview of the HepatiCult™ Organoid Kit (Human), a novel cell culture system developed by STEMCELL Technologies for the establishment, maintenance and differentiation of hepatic organoids derived from human liver tissue. We will explore how these liver organoids recapitulate liver function, can be utilized for hepatotoxicity testing, and can be incorporated into new assays and protocols optimized to work with both 3D and 2D organoid-derived culture

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