Wendy Gilbert, Yale University, USA
Wendy Gilbert

Wendy Gilbert is an Associate Professor of Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry at Yale. Her love affair with RNA began at Princeton, when she was an undergraduate studying alternative splicing in Paul Schedl’s lab. She earned her PhD at UCSF with Christine Guthrie, studying mRNA export and being fascinated by the exquisite mechanisms that couple export-competence to completion of RNA processing. As a postdoc in Jennifer Doudna’s lab at UC Berkeley, she studied mechanisms and regulation of translation initiation. Since starting her own lab, Wendy has continued to study the features of mRNAs that control protein production. Research in Wendy’s laboratory is unified by interest in RNA-dependent regulatory mechanisms and currently includes investigations of translation efficiency determinants, alternative 5′ UTRs, ribosomes, snoRNAs, and regulated RNA modifications.

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