Zihe Rao, Honorary President Biophysical Society of China

Professor of Tsinghua University, Member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences´╝îMember of the Standing Committee of the CPPCC National Committee, Member of the Presidium of Academic Divisions of CAS, Honorary President of Biophysics Society of China, Founding President of China Union of Life Science Societies. He was president of Nankai University, Director-General of the Institute of Biophysics of CAS, and President of International Biophysical Union (IUPAB).

He has revealed fundamental structure-function and mechanistic insights to the replication/transcription, assembly and host invasion of coronavirus, retrovirus, influenza virus, picornavirus, herpesvirus, Africa-Swine-Fever-virus and other disease-causing viruses, and uncovered how Mycobacterium tuberculosis achieves metabolite/energy transport and drug resistance. This has led to new therapeutic targets and innovative drug designs. To date, Zihe Rao has published more than 400 peer reviewed research papers, including 23 papers in Science, Nature and Cell, with over 26´╝î000 citations (retrieved from Google Scholar). He also has 38 innovation patents.

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