Yanyan Li,Southern University of Science and Technology, China
Dr Yanyan Li

Dr Yanyan Li is currently the assistant professor in the school of life science at Southern University of Science and Technology. Dr Li joined the laboratories at Jiangnan University, University of Maryland, Duke University and Harvard medical school as graduate and visiting scholar. The focus of the laboratory is to understand the molecular basis by which Gram-negative bacteria modify the lipopolysaccharide (LPS), the lipoprotein and the phospholipid, how these alterations affect or circumvent normal host innate immune system responses, and the structural mechanism of the lipids transportation. This study may represent a general paradigm for bacteria lipids structure to pathogenesis. Additionally, it may represent a novel pathway for new antibiotics and vaccine adjuvant development.

The related research results were published in first or corresponding author manuscripts in the journals of Nature, Cell, Cell research, Nature Communications, PNAS, Cell discovery. Four research papers were recommended by Faculty of 1000. Dr Li was funded by the natural science foundation of China and awarded with the Young investigator award from IEIIS (International endotoxin International Endotoxin and Innate Immunity Society).

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