Mariano Barbacid, National Cancer Research Center, Spain
Mariano Barbacid

Mariano Barbacid got his Ph.D. in Madrid (1974) and trained as a postdoctoral fellow at the US National Cancer Institute. In 1978 he started his own research group to study the molecular events responsible for the development of human tumors.  In 1982 his group isolated the first human oncogene (H-Ras) and identified the first mutation associated with the development of human cancer. In 1988, he joined Bristol Myers-Squibb where he became Vice President, Oncology Drug Discovery. In 1998, he returned to Madrid to create and direct the Spanish National Cancer Research Center (CNIO). In 2012, he was inducted to the US National Academy of Sciences US and in 2014, elected Fellow of the AACR Academy. To date, he has authored 314 publications, including 223 original research articles. His current “h” factor is 116.

Homepage: www.barbacidlab.es

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