Patricia Elizalde, IBYME, Argentina

Dr. Elizalde is a Principal Researcher from the Argentina National Council of Scientific Research and the Director of the Laboratories of Molecular Mechanisms of Carcinogenesis and of Molecular Endocrinology, at the Institute of Biology and Experimental Medicine (IBYME), CONICET, in Argentina. Dr. Elizalde works in the field of growth factors and steroid hormone receptors in breast cancer (BC). Her findings have strongly contributed to dissect bidirectional interactions between the progesterone receptor (PR) and ErbB-2 signaling pathways governing BC growth. Her team's works challenged the dogma of ErbB-2 action, interaction with PR, and clinical significance in BC. Her group contributions include the discovery that ErbB-2 induces the transcriptional activation of PR and on the other hand, PR regulates ErbB-2 signaling. Her discoveries revealed that, in the nucleus of BC cells, ErbB-2 functions either as a transcription factor or as a coactivator to promote growth, metastasis and resistance to anti-ErbB-2 therapies. Furthermore, her team’s clinical work demonstrated that nuclear ErbB-2 is a biomarker of poor clinical outcome in BC.

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