Lakshmi Goyal, Editor, Cell Host & Microbe
Lakshmi Goyal

Dr. Lakshmi Goyal is the Editor of Cell Host & Microbe and Executive Editor of EBioMedicine. Dr. Goyal has been at Cell Press since 2001. She started her editorial career as a Senior Editor on Cell. In 2006 she was appointed the launch Editor of Cell Host & Microbe, a primary research journal from Cell Press that publishes in the areas of host-microbe interactions. In 2014, as Executive Editor, she provided strategic direction for the launch of EBioMedicine, an open access journal with support from Cell Press and The Lancet. Before joining Cell Press, Dr. Goyal was a postdoctoral fellow at the Biology department at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Cambridge USA. She obtained her Ph.D. in Microbiology and Molecular genetics from Rutgers University, New Jersey USA. Dr. Goyal holds a masters and bachelor’s degree from institutions in India.

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