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Cell Symposium: Translational Immunometabolism
June 26–28, 2022, Basel, Switzerland

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The field of immunometabolism has thrived over the last decade, revealing major roles played by immune cells in metabolic homeostasis and the impact of metabolic pathways on immune cell function. As new discoveries continue to reveal the intricate links between immunology and metabolism, a key question arises: how will this accumulated knowledge translate into novel therapies for human diseases? During this Cell Symposium, you will hear about the latest advances in immunometabolism and interact with leading basic researchers, physician-scientists and industry leaders in the field. The talks will cover how intracellular metabolism within immune cells and extracellular effects on key target tissues are integrated to affect whole-body physiology and responses to disease. We will also focus on emerging technologies to study such systems and to identify novel molecular targets to treat disease, as well as highlighting new research translating findings in the field to the clinic.

Topics include:

1) Intrinsic immunometabolism
2) Extrinsic immunometabolism
3) Systems and technology
4) Molecular targets of immunometabolism
5) Translation to the clinic

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