We asked a few researchers why they’re excited for the meeting. Here’s what they had to say:

“Cell Symposia: Next Gen Immunology provides a perfect opportunity to interact with science “rock stars.” I strongly believe that the symposium will help students, postdoctoral fellows and junior scientists to be able to exchange ideas with leaders in the field and to learn about upcoming, exciting studies. Additionally, this symposium gives us opportunity to present our studies in front of these “rock stars,” which brings the excitement of being a part of this prestigious community and being able to contribute to the understanding of immunology."
Bahtiyar Yilmaz, PhD
Bahtiyar will be presenting a poster titled “The clinical determinants shape gut microbial profile of inflammatory bowel disease patients” at Next Gen Immunology. Connect with him and meet science “rock stars” this February!
Bahtiyar Yilmaz, PhD
As a postdoc, I am always grateful for opportunities to connect with fellow researchers and potential collaborators. My work integrates computational and experimental approaches, so I am particularly excited to attend the Next Gen Immunology conference, where I will have a chance to meet renowned scientists across both fields. I am also looking forward to sharing my work with, and receiving valuable feedback from, other conference attendees and the broader scientific community.
Naomi Yudanin, PhD
Naomi Yudanin, PhD
Meet Naomi and check out her poster on “Spatial and temporal dynamics of adipose lymphocyte dysregulation in obesity” at the Weizmann Institute for Science.
“I am looking forward to Cell Symposia: Next Gen Immunology because scientists come together from all over the world to discuss the immune system from multiple angles. I am also excited to spend time at the Weizmann Institute, which is always filled with science and enthusiasm.”
Yonit Lavin, PhD
Yonit will be presenting on “Innate Immune Landscape in Early Stage Lung Adenocarcinoma by Paired Single Cell Analysis” with a poster at Next Gen Immunology.
Yonit Lavin, PhD
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