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Cell Symposium: Overcoming Therapy Resistance in Cancer
October 25-27, 2020 | Meliá, Sitges, Spain

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Resistance to therapy poses a major problem for the successful treatment of cancer, and there is a vast wealth of information emerging in the field of drug resistance to cancer. Today, newly-designed molecular therapies such as immunotherapy, together with improved clinical models and high-throughput screens, are providing an unprecedented understanding of how cancer cells evolve to resist treatment. This exciting and rapidly advancing field therefore demands an opportunity to gather and share key biological advances, as well as to provide a platform for discussion and scientific collaboration, building a path from basic science to translational medicine.

Cell Press is pleased to announce this symposium to discuss the mechanisms by which cancer cells resist therapy, examine ways to overcome resistance, and improve approaches to achieving personalized therapies. Leading experts will present experimental findings from preclinical and clinical studies, and place a spotlight on key outstanding questions.

Our topics will include:

  • Clinical landscape of resistance
  • Mechanisms of resistance I: genetics, epigenetics, and evolution 
  • Mechanisms of resistance II: signaling and metabolism
  • Cancer models, biomarkers, and tools for overcoming drug resistance
  • Harnessing the tumor microenvironment
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Keynote Speakers

  • Michael Andreeff, USA
  • Joan Brugge, USA


  • Iannis Aifantis, USA
  • Mariano Barbacid, Spain
  • Alberto Bardelli, Italy
  • Himisha Beltran, USA
  • Caroline Dive, UK
  • Patricia Elizalde, Argentina
  • Manel Esteller, Spain
  • William D. Figg, USA
  • Annie Huang, Canada
  • Johanna Joyce, Switzerland
  • Calvin Kuo, USA
  • Anthony Letai, USA
  • Crystal Mackall, USA
  • Daniel Peeper, The Netherlands
  • Tannishtha Reya, USA
  • Andrea Schietinger, USA
  • Erwei Song, China
  • Karen Vousden, UK
  • Paul Workman, UK


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