Speaker articles

Take a look at some of the articles our esteemed invited speakers have published recently and chat with them about their research in San Francisco in April.

Keynote Speaker

Xiaowei ZhuangHarvard University, USA
Rotation tracking of genome-processing enzymes using DNA origami rotors


Bonnie BergerMIT, USA
Geometric Sketching Compactly Summarizes the Single-Cell Transcriptomic Landscape

Domitilla Del VecchioMIT, USA
Biophysical Constraints Arising from Compositional Context in Synthetic Gene Networks

Angela DePaceHarvard Medical School, USA
Signal Integration by Shadow Enhancers and Enhancer Duplications Varies across the Drosophila Embryo

Sophie DumontUniversity of California San Francisco, USA
Microtubule End-Clustering Maintains a Steady-State Spindle Shape

Elana Fertig, Johns Hopkins, University, USA
Decomposing Cell Identity for Transfer Learning across Cellular Measurements, Platforms, Tissues, and Species

Polly FordyceStanford University, USA
Comprehensive, high-resolution binding energy landscapes reveal context dependencies of transcription factor binding

Kelly FrazerUniversity of California San Diego, USA
Large-Scale Profiling Reveals the Influence of Genetic Variation on Gene Expression in Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells

Sri Iyer-BiswasPurdue University, USA
Bridging the Timescales of Single-Cell and Population Dynamics

Galit LahavHarvard Medical School, USA
Fluctuations in p53 Signaling Allow Escape from Cell-Cycle Arrest

Samantha MorrisWashington University, Saint Louis, USA
Single-cell mapping of lineage and identity in direct reprogramming

Katie PollardUniversity of California San Francisco, USA
De Novo Shape Motif Discovery Algorithm Reveals Preferences of Transcription Factors for DNA Shape Beyond Sequence Motifs

Christine QueitschUniversity of Washington, USA
Preferences in a trait decision determined by transcription factor variants

Susanne RafelskiAllen Institute for Cell Science, USA
The Allen Cell Structure Segmenter: a new open source toolkit for segmenting 3D intracellular structures in fluorescence microscopy images

Samara Reck-PetersonUniversity of California San Diego, USA
Lis1 Has Two Opposing Modes of Regulating Cytoplasmic Dynein

Aviv RegevBroad Institute, USA
Intra- and Inter-cellular Rewiring of the Human Colon during Ulcerative Colitis

Ellen RothenbergCaltech, USA
Single-Cell Analysis Reveals Regulatory Gene Expression Dynamics Leading to Lineage Commitment in Early T Cell Development

Melanie SamuelBaylor College of Medicine, USA
Role for Wnt Signaling in Retinal Neuropil Development: Analysis via RNA-Seq and In Vivo Somatic CRISPR Mutagenesis

Bosiljka TasicAllen Institute for Brain Science, USA
Shared and distinct transcriptomic cell types across neocortical areas

Roser Vento-TormoWellcome Sanger Institute, UK
Single-cell reconstruction of the early maternal–fetal interface in humans

Magda Zernicka-GoetzUniversity of Cambridge, UK
CARM1 and Paraspeckles Regulate Pre-implantation Mouse Embryo Development



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