College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering
Xiamen University
No. 422, Siming South Road,
Xiamen, Fujian,
China. 361005

Tel. +86-592-2180000


The College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering at Xiamen University was established in 1991, on the basis of the Chemistry Discipline that was founded in 1921. Thru the tremendous efforts made by several generations of our Chemists, as represented by Jiaxi Lu, former President of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (1981-1987), our College has been recognized as one of the leading institutions in China for chemical research, education, and training of our future chemists.

Currently, the College has a total of 174 teaching faculty, among which 97 are full professors. Eight of them, Zhaowu Tian (CCS President, 1986 – 1990), Qianer Zhang, Huilin Wan, Benli Huang (CCS President, 1998 – 2002), Yufen Zhao, Lansun Zheng, Zhongqun Tian and Shigang Sun, were elected as the member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. 23 young faculties have won research funding support from the Distinguished Young Investigator Program granted by the National Science Foundation (NSF) of China.

The College has conducted fundamental and cutting-edge research in many aspects of chemistry. Of those, the State Key Laboratory of Physical Chemistry for Solid Surfaces operated at our College has been evaluated as one of the top laboratories in Chemistry and Chemical Engineering disciplines for five times consecutively (1994, 1999, 2004, 2009, and 2014) over the last 20 years by the Ministry of Science & Technology of China. Meanwhile, after the stages of cultivation and construction, the Collaborative Innovation Center of Chemistry for Energy Materials (2011-iChEM) which established in September of 2012, has got substantial synergies. It is believe that the 2011-iChEM will gather and foster a number of top-notch international academic talents and innovative team leaders to make enormous original scientific achievements on energy material chemistry and build a world-class scientific research center. Moreover, the discipline of Chemistry is also evaluated as one of the National Key Disciplines by the Ministry of Education of China. Beyond the traditional fields in basic and applied chemistry, research in our college is moving into new interdisciplinary fields related to materials, nano-/bio-sciences, energy and environmental science and has yielded many impressive accomplishments, which have been published and reported in prestigious journals including Science, Nature, Nature Materials, Nature Chemistry, Nature Nanotechnology, and Nature Communications and so on.

The College has long been maintained a good reputation for its undergraduate teaching program in China. Two National Centers have been established in our College by the NSF for undergraduate training in fundamental chemistry, including theory and experiment.

The College remains at the forefront of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, educating and training the next generation of chemists and engineers, while driving the leading edge of science and technology.

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