Thue Schwartz, University of Copenhagen, Denmark


Thue W. Schwartz got his M.D. and D.M.Sc. degree from University of Copenhagen where he now is Professor of Molecular Pharmacology. He has worked with structure and function of GPCRs for 35+ years initially on peptide hormone and neuropeptide receptors and was in fact the one who originally introduced the GLP-1 receptor as a target for treatment of diabetes to Novo Nordisk when employed there in the early 90’s. In the Zero’s, he founded and worked 80% in 7TM Pharma, which was his own biotech company devoted to treatment of metabolic diseases with 50-60 employees. Back at University of Copenhagen he was the main driver in founding Center for Basic Metabolic Research based on a ten-year grant from the Novo Nordisk Foundation. Here he is currently heading one of the four Research Programs: Nutrient and Metabolite Sensing and Signaling. His research focus has for the last ten years moved from GPCR sensing of food and microbial metabolites in enteroendocrine cells to intermediary metabolites as extracellular signals of fuel and metabolic stress and how their GPCR sensors function in autocrine and paracrine mechanisms in adipocytes, immune cells, and cancer.

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