Since its establishment in 2000, Shanghai Model Organisms Center Inc. (SMOC) has built a rigorous and professional technical team with mature technology and complete processes. Using CRISPR/Cas9 technology, embryonic stem cells (ESC) targeting and other transgenic technologies, we have built more than 10,000 genetically engineered animal models, which can provide model customization services such as gene knockout, knockin, and transgenic overexpression. SMOC currently provides more than 6000 research-ready models, we have developed about 12000 genetically modified mouse strains and every year our R&D program has the capacity to create and produce more than 2000 strains. Our models are widely used in metabolic and cardiovascular disease, neurodegeneration, immunology, and oncology studies.

We’re not just a service provider, also provide all kinds of downstream services, such as rapid colony development, drug screening and efficacy evaluation, etc. Our vision is to provide global researchers with professional, comprehensive and integrated animal model services to create a universal, simplified and efficient approach towards uncovering the mysteries of life.


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