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Take a look at some of the articles our esteemed speakers have published recently and chat with them about their research in Seville in November.

Keynote Speaker

Jodi NunnariUniversity of California Davis, USA
The modified mitochondrial outer membrane carrier MTCH2 links mitochondrial fusion to lipogenesis


Nenad BanETH Zurich, Switzerland
Mitoribosomal small subunit maturation involves formation of initiation-like complexes

Nika Danial, Harvard Medical School, USA
Glucose metabolism and pyruvate carboxylase enhance glutathione synthesis and restrict oxidative stress in pancreatic islets

Ralph Deberardinis, UT Southwestern, USA
Compartmentalized metabolism supports midgestation mammalian development

José Antonio Enríquez DomínguezCNIC, Spain
Heteroplasmy of Wild-Type Mitochondrial DNA Variants in Mice Causes Metabolic Heart Disease With Pulmonary Hypertension and Frailty

Aleksandra Filipovska, University of Western Australia, Australia
Organization and expression of the mammalian mitochondrial genome

Marcia HaigisHarvard Medical School, USA
SIRT4 is an early regulator of branched-chain amino acid catabolism that promotes adipogenesis

Ping-Chih HoUniversity of Lausanne, Switzerland
Metabolic programs tailor T cell immunity in viral infection, cancer, and aging

Adam HughesThe University of Utah, USA
Mitochondrial-derived compartments facilitate cellular adaptation to amino acid stress

Pekka KatajistoUniversity of Helsinki, Finland
Metabolic determination of cell fate through selective inheritance of mitochondria

Thomas LangerMax-Planck-Gesellschaft, Germany
Cellular pyrimidine imbalance triggers mitochondrial DNA-dependent innate immunity

Elena RugarliCECAD Cologne, Germany
CLUH controls astrin-1 expression to couple mitochondrial metabolism to cell cycle progression

Orian ShirihaiUCLA, USA
Recruitment and remodeling of peridroplet mitochondria in human adipose tissue

Aleksandra TrifunovicCECAD Cologne, Germany
FGF21 modulates mitochondrial stress response in cardiomyocytes only under mild mitochondrial dysfunction

Xinnan WangStanford University, USA
A mitochondrial membrane-bridging machinery mediates signal transduction of intramitochondrial oxidation


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