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Cell Symposia: Hallmarks of cancer
In partnership with Sun Yat-sen University Cancer Center and Guangdong Provincial Anticancer Association
November 7–9, 2024, Guangzhou, China

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Abstract submission deadline: July 5, 2024
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The frontiers of cancer biology and clinical oncology are merging rapidly, revolutionizing cancer treatment and igniting groundbreaking advancements in immunology, microbiology, neuroscience, and bioengineering. This landmark symposium brings together renowned physician-scientists and translational researchers who are passionately breaking down barriers and expanding the boundaries in these critical fields. Attendees can discover the latest breakthroughs in diverse cancer therapy modalities that are transforming the evolving landscape of clinical oncology.

A decade ago, the groundbreaking Cell Symposium: Hallmarks of cancer series made its Asian debut in Beijing. As we commemorate the 50th anniversary of Cell Press, we invite you to join us in celebrating our unwavering commitment to serving the dynamic cancer research community. We are thrilled to host this special anniversary meeting in Guangzhou in the fall. Join us as we delve into the convergence of cancer biology and clinical oncology, shaping the future of cancer treatment and patient outcomes.

Embrace this extraordinary opportunity to immerse yourself in the latest scientific breakthroughs and forge meaningful connections with fellow experts. Together, we can accelerate the pace of cancer research and transform the lives of patients worldwide. We look forward to welcoming you to Guangzhou!


  • Immunoncology
  • Gastrointestinal cancer
  • Cancer genomics
  • Clinical trials
  • Tumor microenvironment


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Keynote speaker
Douglas Hanahan



  • Rui-Hua Xu, President of Sun Yat-sen University Cancer Center, China
  • Steve Mao, Editor-in-chief, Cancer Cell
  • Jiaying Tan, Senior scientific editor, Cell
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